Models of Backpacks

Today there are many different models of backpacks, most buyers choose between one or other depending on the design or color and not look at other details that are also very important when choosing a backpack.



One of the things we should think before buying a backpack is what kind of activity going to do, I mean, is to roam the countryside or town what we call “short distance”, or trekking a bit more technical and demanding that includes a camping trip, what we call “long distance”.

Short Hiking Backpack.

In this case and, if the activity is going to be a day, the first thing we look at is the capacity. For a hiking backpack day recommended is that their capacity not exceeding 35 liters (the capacity of a rucksack measured in liters, not in kilos, nope,!, Is also very important to look at the quality of the pads and the belt, because depending on this backpack will be more or less comfortable.

In the back you should have an area that does not contact with the back thus promoting perspiration. Today backpacks are very advanced in this area and offer many different designs, all designed for good breathability; still we must look at the width of the padding is not too big because if the backpack is quite separate from the body will have stability problems.

Size and tips backpacks.

The backpackĀ faithful companion of adventures and misadventures of backpackers. In this article we will talk about the backpack itself and other practical details.

tips backpacks

The ideal size Most travelers choose to carry two backpacks: a large one with clothes and one small with valuables and everyday.

The small backpack can also be a fanny pack, a bandolier or whatever seems most comfortable, considering that going to take up most of the time. For a long trip, the backpack of clothes (large) must be as small as possible.

I have not heard anyone say “I should have brought a bigger backpack.” Go 30kg carrying two backpacks, while looking for a place to sleep, the sun shines and you besiege taxi drivers is a difficult experience to forget.

The hardiest and bravest travelers carry a backpack of 30 to 40 liters, silent for four days and only the clothes strictly necessary (given the climate of the countries that we visited).

A size between 40 and 60 liters is what brings most people, but now that we have 10 months of travel can say that would have been more practical to a smaller one.

Theme Backpacks

The various themens backpacks are a very important choice for all students, that is where they take their books and personal belongings throughout the school year. Here we show you the different styles and designs that exist.


1. Large Backpack If you need a school backpack with more space, this is a great option as it can save all the material you require in school and even other accessories like an umbrella.


2. Cross Backpack This is one of the most modern school bags, and many also have a special compartment for cell, although it is an option for those who do not require the use of many books, because it is so comfortable.


3. Cartoon Cartoon backpacks never go out of style, plus your child will be more excited about going to school with a school bag of your favorite cartoon, that will surely be very happy.


4. Ergonomics If you’re worried about your child’s health there are also a new ergonomic school backpacks, back and caring health of your child to prevent pain from carrying so much weight.


5. Suitcase Style School backpacks style suitcase that besides being a great help, also retain a more classic style and come in sober colors for those schools that are a little stricter.


6. Suitcase Style School backpacks style suitcase that besides being a great help, also retain a more classic style and come in sober colors for those schools that are a little stricter.