Water backpacks

It is well known that it is important to stay hydrated all the time. If you are an adventurer or practice any activity that requires you to perform a physical activity, then you probably need a water backpack.

They are well suited for your hydration needs. And the best part is that they come with different features, capacities, etc. so anyone can select the best one that matches their specifications.

They are the best backpacks for men that practice sports.

Outdoor activities are great; they provide a good dose of the physical activity that we all must do. We encourage you to involve in an activity that you love, and also that you be well prepared for it.

You must have all things prepared for your adventure. If you want to get the most out of your outdoor activity then you have to take water backpacks with you.

Why do you need to use water backpacks? There are two main reasons to purchase these type of backpacks.

First, and most important, as we mentioned above, you stay well hydrated in an easy way. By carrying this backpack with you, it will be a constant reminder to drink water.

Second, they make easy for you to stay hydrated in movement. This way you will avoid making stops or slowing down your speed to take out your water bottle to drink.

Now, if you need more reasons to convince yourself to purchase water backpacks, continue reading.

Stability and comfort

Obviously the comfort is an important topic for all adventurers. Yu don’t want to carry overweight or unnecessary stuffs with you in your trip, because that will make you go slower or uncomfortable.

One of the best features of these type of backpacks is that most of them are aerodynamic, which means that they are compressible and narrow generally.

Regarding stability, due to their design they distribute the weight very well between your shoulders, waist and lower back.

Ease of cleaning

This is another good feature that all water backpacks have. You have to clean them eventually. Especially if you are not drinking just plain water, but adding some sort of powder, sugar or maybe you are drinking flavored water, or an energetic drink.

If that is the case we recommend you to clean your backpack every one or two uses, mostly for health issues.

But if you don’t want to clean it so regularly, then you should consider not drinking sugar drinks. Another advice is to leave the bladder full with plain water, or maybe you can store it in the freezer, of course you have to put it before in a plastic bag.

Whatever the case, you must know that the water backpacks are easy to clean, especially the ones that the bags open with a zip on the top.

The backpacks that have a single compartment bladder that has a large opening are also easy to clean, just simply use a brush inside of it.

Make sure to clean the hoses too, don’t forget them.

Now that you probably have decided to purchase water backpacks, then we will mention all the aspects you have to consider to buy one that fits to your requirements.

Aerobic sports

The people who practice these types of sports, like running, cycling or ski must purchase a backpack that doesn’t interfere with their balance.

For that reason the best ones are the designs like waist pack-style or a slender (low profile) style.

Reservoir size

This will depend on the activity and the person. If the activity you are doing requires you to sweat a lot, then you must aim to purchase water backpacks with a large reservoir size.

Also, if you are going to make an activity that takes too long time, it is advisable to be well prepared with a large reservoir, to have plenty of water available for your trip.


Of course if larger the reservoir, the weight will be heavier.

Once again this will depend on the activity you are going to do. Just consider the weight the backpack will have when it is full and think if that is good for the activity you are planning to do.

Waist belt

If the water backpacks will weigh more than 6 pounds when they are full of fluid, then a waist belt is needed.

This will maintain the backpack in the correct place and will help you to distribute the weight in your upper body.

Water backpacks are suitable for any activity, whether you practice hiking, road biking, mountain biking, running, snow sports or climbing, there is a perfect backpack waiting for you to be your company in all your adventures.

Below there is a list with the best water backpacks you can buy :

TETON Sports Oasis 1100
Hydration Pack with 1.5 L Backpack Water Bladder
TETON Sports Trailrunner
CamelBak 2016 Rogue


School rolling backpacks


If you have kids, then you probably know they have to carry many things with them to the school. It is also very likely that all of those school supplies are very heavy for them; that is why you should consider buying a school rolling backpack for them, in order to keep them safe for any injury that the excessive weight might cause.

Even though these types of backpacks are better for carry the excessive weight, you have to know that they are just a little heavier than regular backpacks; obviously this is caused by the wheels and the external frame that is made for support.

This is why you have to consider very well before buying one, because you don’t want hurt your kid, on the contrary, you just want to make things easy for them.

Keep reading so you can know the aspects you have to consider before purchasing school rolling backpacks for your kid.


There are three different sizes for school rolling backpacks; you can find them in small, medium and large size.

This will depend on the height of your kid. It has to be proportional to them because otherwise it will be too heavy and too difficult for them to carry it to the school.

While some of the backpacks come with padded shoulder straps, so the kids can carry it without rolling it, it is advisable to avoid their use.

The reason for this is that it might harm your kid’s back, because of the weight.

Advise your kid to use the straps only when it is totally impossible to roll the backpack, maybe because of water or irregular terrain, but only for a short period of time.


Since the school rolling backpacks come in different sizes, it is expected the capacity to change according the size of the backpack.

If your kid has several belongings and things to carry to school, but the most suitable backpack for them is a small one, then we recommend you to purchase one with pockets on the sides, so the quantity of things they can carry is more.


Aim to find a backpack with wheels that looks very well built. The ones that are high quality often look more sturdy and solid, but they might be a little more expensive.

The external frame that supports all the weight and the wheels has to be strong for two main reasons, first because kids often don’t take too much care of their school rolling backpacks, and second, because that way it will last longer.

The other thing you want to pay attention is to the handle. This handle can consist in only just one tube, or two tubes joined together by the handgrip. Whether you choose one or another, be sure that the handle doesn’t shake or wobble when it is fully extended.


The color may seem like a minor thing, but when it comes about kids, we all know how messy they can be. And that is perfectly fine if you don’t mind to see the school rolling backpack being dirty, but if you hate watching the stains and dirt on it, then maybe you will prefer to buy a darker color backpack to avoid this problem.

In case you prefer a light color, you can always clean the stains and all the dirt you can use a dish detergent and a sponge, and it will be very clean. Remember to dry it at air temperature; do not use the drying machine.

These are all the aspects you want to consider before buying school rolling backpacks.

Recommend your kid to take a really good care of their backpack, this means specially to not overload it with unnecessary stuffs and not swing it by the handle when it is fully extended, because this can shorten its productive life.

Below you will find our top 4 recommendation for best school rolling backpacks, so you can choose correctly based on your needs.
High Sierra Freewheel Wheeled Backpack
J World New York Sunrise Rolling Backpack
Rockland Luggage 17 Inch Rolling Backpack
High Sierra Powerglide Wheeled Book Bag Backpack