School rolling backpacks


If you have kids, then you probably know they have to carry many things with them to the school. It is also very likely that all of those school supplies are very heavy for them; that is why you should consider buying a school rolling backpack for them, in order to keep them safe for any injury that the excessive weight might cause.

Even though these types of backpacks are better for carry the excessive weight, you have to know that they are just a little heavier than regular backpacks; obviously this is caused by the wheels and the external frame that is made for support.

This is why you have to consider very well before buying one, because you don’t want hurt your kid, on the contrary, you just want to make things easy for them.

Keep reading so you can know the aspects you have to consider before purchasing school rolling backpacks for your kid.


There are three different sizes for school rolling backpacks; you can find them in small, medium and large size.

This will depend on the height of your kid. It has to be proportional to them because otherwise it will be too heavy and too difficult for them to carry it to the school.

While some of the backpacks come with padded shoulder straps, so the kids can carry it without rolling it, it is advisable to avoid their use.

The reason for this is that it might harm your kid’s back, because of the weight.

Advise your kid to use the straps only when it is totally impossible to roll the backpack, maybe because of water or irregular terrain, but only for a short period of time.


Since the school rolling backpacks come in different sizes, it is expected the capacity to change according the size of the backpack.

If your kid has several belongings and things to carry to school, but the most suitable backpack for them is a small one, then we recommend you to purchase one with pockets on the sides, so the quantity of things they can carry is more.


Aim to find a backpack with wheels that looks very well built. The ones that are high quality often look more sturdy and solid, but they might be a little more expensive.

The external frame that supports all the weight and the wheels has to be strong for two main reasons, first because kids often don’t take too much care of their school rolling backpacks, and second, because that way it will last longer.

The other thing you want to pay attention is to the handle. This handle can consist in only just one tube, or two tubes joined together by the handgrip. Whether you choose one or another, be sure that the handle doesn’t shake or wobble when it is fully extended.


The color may seem like a minor thing, but when it comes about kids, we all know how messy they can be. And that is perfectly fine if you don’t mind to see the school rolling backpack being dirty, but if you hate watching the stains and dirt on it, then maybe you will prefer to buy a darker color backpack to avoid this problem.

In case you prefer a light color, you can always clean the stains and all the dirt you can use a dish detergent and a sponge, and it will be very clean. Remember to dry it at air temperature; do not use the drying machine.

These are all the aspects you want to consider before buying school rolling backpacks.

Recommend your kid to take a really good care of their backpack, this means specially to not overload it with unnecessary stuffs and not swing it by the handle when it is fully extended, because this can shorten its productive life.

Below you will find our top 4 recommendation for best school rolling backpacks, so you can choose correctly based on your needs.
High Sierra Freewheel Wheeled Backpack
J World New York Sunrise Rolling Backpack
Rockland Luggage 17 Inch Rolling Backpack
High Sierra Powerglide Wheeled Book Bag Backpack

Backpacks for men

men and backpack

If you are looking for the best backpacks for men you have come to the right place. In today’s world everything is about versatility and practicality, that is why so many people are now buying backpacks, because they allow you to gather all the things you want in just one place.

And besides having everything in one backpack, they offer many other great features you can use for your comfort.

One of the best features is the multiple pockets they have, so you can have all your belongings well distributed on the inside and well organized on the outside. This way if you want to reach something very quickly you can store it on the outside.

The backpacks for men also have some other good features that can be very useful for you. Some of them have an inside compartment for storing the laptop, or any other big electronic device, like a tablet.

Backpacks are a great choice if you want to take your belongings with you anywhere you want, and the best thing about these items is that there is a special backpack for everyone.

Of course it is a very difficult task to choose backpacks for men, but if you are well informed and have all the size and tips backpacks nearby when you go to the store, it is very sure that you make the right choice.

One of the things you have to give a special attention is for the handles. If you want to carry many things and you want to buy a big backpack for men, then you must choose handles that are comfortable.

You can find the backpacks for men that fit to your needs, if you are a person who enjoys going outdoor and make sports by using a bicycle; then we recommend you to buy hydration backpacks for cycling.

These are very good choices if you want to stay well hydrated and maintain a very good health when you practice the sport you love.

On the other hand, if you like to make long walks in the wild and need to carry many objects with you in order to make your trip much more comfortable, you definitely have to buy hiking backpacks.

Another choice you have, if you are a person who goes to places where the environmental conditions are a little bit more extreme, is to buy waterproof backpacks, this is one of the best features that backpacks for men can have.

Whether you are planning to go to the beach to enjoy a sunny day and the salty water, or you have a planned trip to hike to a waterfall, it is advisable to carry a backpack that can resist any problem that the water may cause.

These models of backpacks are suitable for all the places where the water can damage your belongings, and it is very important that you protect them from any moisture.

All of the above mentioned tips are for people who are more into sports and nature, but if you are not interested in those subjects we also have much more to share.

In case you are a person who travels a lot and want to buy backpacks for men, but in this case for business trips or maybe just because you like to take an airplane and get lost in somewhere, you might consider buying backpacks with wheels.

There are several types of backpacks for men you can roll, if you are not interested in carrying them on your back, due to medical reasons or just for convenience. They come in all sizes and colors, and with all the compartments you need for your objects for your travel.

If the wheels are something that doesn’t attract you, because you want to look more sophisticated or fancy, then the best choice you can make is to buy backpacks leather.

They are very durable, and the leather is a very beautiful material that can make you look even more elegant. This way you will give a good impression wherever you go with your backpack. These types of backpacks are very popular backpacks for men.

Obviously one of the most important parts of choosing a backpack is to know if it looks good on you. Not all backpacks are designed to look good; some of them are made just to perform a function, like hydration, transportation, save space, resource optimization, etc.

Maybe your biggest concern is to buy a backpack than can be very practical but that also looks good on you, that is why we have the best cute backpacks that are currently on the market.

Once you buy your backpacks for men, you have to make sure that its productive life be longer. How do you do that? The first thing you need to do is read all the best tips we have for backpack cleaning, because if it’s clean then it will last longer.

You also have to take a very good care of your backpack, by not letting it to fall and treating it nicely, don’t pull the zippers to hard, and neither carry excess weight because it might break all the pockets, leaving it will less versatility.

The most important is not to carry too much things inside your backpack, you have to pay attention to the recommended weight because otherwise you might force it into breaking the seams, and if that happens, you can throw away your backpack because it will be useless.

Treat your backpack with care, and don’t buy the cheapest, it is good to spend some money in an item that you know it will last longer and will be capable to resist all the travels, trips and adventures that you are going to do.

The best backpacks for men are the ones that you select carefully, so don’t be afraid to take your time to evaluate all the aspects that you need in your backpacks. It has to be perfect for you.

Remember, when choosing backpacks for men you have to be aware of what you really want, what are your specific needs, and for what purpose are you going to use it. This will make it much easier.

Below there is a list with the best  backpacks for men you can buy, this way you can also consider one of these when you go to the store to buy your backpack.

SwissGear Travel Gear ScanSmart Backpack 1900
High Sierra Loop Backpack
Under Armour Storm Hustle II
JanSport Big Student Classics Series

Backpacks with wheels

If you are a frequent traveler then you must know that you need to carry all your belongings in a safe way, therefore you probably use a backpack, but in this article we will explain why you need to purchase backpacks with wheels, how to choose them and which one are the best.

The main question you ask yourself when buying a backpack is if you have to choose a backpack with handles or a backpack with wheels.

Below there are a few reasons why you should choose backpacks with wheels, because they offer many advantages over the other types of backpacks.

Wheels and straps

One of the first advantages of backpacks with wheels is the fact that you can carry all your things easily by just rolling the backpack. That way the impact on your back will not cause any injuries due to the weight of your backpack, so you don’t have to worry about back stress and discomfort.

But they also have some removable straps (with a zip) that you can put to your backpacks and carry it on your shoulders when you need it.

Don’t underestimate the use of the straps; they are very useful when you need to carry your backpack due to any inconvenience that causes you to be unable to use the wheels.

The truth is that these types of backpacks are very handy and can be used for several activities.

Easy access

Many of the backpacks with wheels are designed to provide an easy access of the content inside of it.

You can open it up completely, so you can find what you need very quickly in an easy way.

More resistant

The backpacks with wheels are designed to be resistant. They need to be sturdy and solid, so they can resist all the impact caused by the road or by the weight they are carrying it.

They are designed to have the wheels and the hard base at the bottom.

These types of backpacks are usually heavier than the ones without wheels, because the wheels add an extra weight.

So if you are planning to go hiking in a very rough terrain or going very far, it is not advisable to use these types of backpacks, because even though they are very resistant you are going to have to carry it with the straps, and that will be very uncomfortable.


Many of the wheeled backpacks have a daypack that can be zipped in the main bag, so you can carry your laptop and other essential separately. It is very useful for some people.

Tips for choosing backpacks with wheels

Now that you know all the advantages of having backpacks with wheels, we will mention some tips so you can keep them in mind when buying one of these types of backpacks.

  • Straps: you might not be sure if you are going to use the straps or not, but it is a good idea to have them in a good quality. The best ones are the padded shoulder, hip belts and chest straps. You have to be comfortable when the time of using all the straps comes.
  • Handles: It is best to buy backpacks with wheels that have handles at the sides and at the top. This is very practical when you need to lift or move your backpack in a fast way.
  • Water resistant: this feature is always desirable in any type of backpack, so you don’t have to worry about the havoc that the environmental conditions may cause to your backpack.
  • Security: Try to find backpacks with not so much zippers, and try them to look very resistant. If you have too many zippers then you have to be very careful about the safety of all your belongings, and also you are going to have to distribute them, and this may cause a more difficult access to the content.

Try to buy backpacks with wheels that look very endurable, but you have to keep in mind that the more resistant, the heavier will be the backpack.

Below you will find our top 5 recommendation for these types of backpacks, so you can choose correctly based on your needs.


High Sierra Powerglide Wheeled Book Bag Backpack: can be used for traveling, college or work. It is very well designed and can be carried in three different ways.

J World New York Sunrise Rolling Backpack: this one is very good for rough terrain; it is very sturdy and highly resistant at the bottom.

High Sierra Freewheel Wheeled Backpack: It is a very good looking backpack, if you are searching for something that will make you look elegant.

Rockland Luggage 17 Inch Rolling Backpack : It has some models much more daring than the rest

Everest Deluxe Wheeled Backpack : Brand less known but of very good quality

Waterproof backpacks

One of the best features that a backpack can have is to be waterproof. The waterproof backpacks are very useful for several activities that require carrying your belongings with you to places where the environmental conditions can damage your backpacks.

If you are a person who loves to travel, then you have to make sure to carry all the things you might need with you for your adventure.

In that case you need to buy a high quality backpack that can protect all your gear, equipment, clothes and other things from the weather.

And one of the most damaging weather conditions is the rain, because the water can leak inside your backpack and cause your objects to get moist.

The best thing about these types of backpacks is that you don’t need a cover to protect it on the outside or to protect each item on the inside separately, because these backpacks are specially designed to resist the rain or any other circumstance related to water.

But maybe you already know all the reasons why you need to have a special backpack, but what about how to choose waterproof backpacks?

If you are considering buying a backpack, the best choice you can do is to buy waterproof backpacks. And in this article we will mention all the considerations you must have when it comes the time to buy one of these types of backpacks.

100% waterproof

The first thing you have to know when you are going to select waterproof backpacks is that it has to be waterproof, and not to confuse that with “water-resistant” because these terms are very different.


There are different types of styles that waterproof backpacks can have; the fact that it is waterproof doesn’t mean it has to be big and ugly, that is why there are many different styles of these types of backpacks.

This is absolutely your choice, if you want your backpack to look more rustic and classic or if you want it to be very polished and elegant it’s your decision.

The best style for these types of backpacks is the top load.


If you are going to carry all your items in a backpack it should be at least very comfortable.

The best you can do is to buy waterproof backpacks that have an internal frame, even though they could be just a little heavier they offer a better protection, and also the shoulder straps, hip belts and back should be padded, for a better comfort.


These types of backpacks come in several capacities that can vary from 10 to 85 liters.

A 10 liter backpack is great if you are going to make short trips and only need to carry a few items, like cameras, snacks, wallets, and others.

The bigger waterproof backpacks, from 70 to 85 liters are recommended for those who make long trips, and usually are built tough, so they can resist all the effort.


This is a very important aspect if you are an organized person or if you like to carry many items with you to your trips and want to have an easy access to them.

The waterproof backpacks that don’t have many pockets and compartments are not so popular, especially for those who carry small items like keys, cell phones, cameras, etc.


Many people who consider buying waterproof backpacks feel intimidated for the price of these types of backpacks.

This might be because people think that since they are special designed backpacks are more expensive than the regular backpacks.

The best advice we can give to you is to consider the amount of money you want to spend and then try to find a very nice backpack that has all the specifications you need.

If you don’t have too much money, then buy a special backpack that is waterproof where you can put all your items you need to protect inside of it, and also buy a regular small bag where you can put what you don’t need to keep dry.

These are all the aspects you have to consider when buying a waterproof backpack that fits to your needs.

Below there is a list with the best waterproof backpacks you can buy, this way you can also consider one of these when you go to the store to buy your backpack.

Backpack cleaning

Below you have all the information and tricks for eliminating all types of stains in clothes and fabrics, and these tips can be used for backpack cleaning. We also give you some advices for using the washing machine.

Follow these simple tricks we have elaborated in and get rid of the stains caused by chocolate, grease, makeup, etc.  And keep your backpack clean and in perfect state. In that way you will look great all the time, and also you will give a good impression, because a clean backpack means you are an organized and careful person. Also, you should take a good care of your backpack as it was a good investment of your money, and you want it to last as long as possible, so cleaning it is a very good way of taking care of it.

You can clean stains caused by:

Candy/chewing gum stains

For candy stains, you have to soak the backpack, rub gently, put some fine salt on the stain and wash the backpack like you normally would.

For chewing gum stains, apply some ice on the chewing gum until it hardens, then you can remove it with no problem. This is a usual problem that can be solved with a good backpack cleaning.

Tomato stains

Mix some dilute ammonia and rub it on the stain. Put your backpack in the washing machine and the stain will be completely removed.

Fruit stains

For fruit juice stains apply some alcohol with a sponge on the stain and wash it like you normally would.

For cherry or strawberry stains, rub it with ammonia and water, next wash it like you normally would.

For jam stains, soak the backpack in water with alcohol in equal parts and then wash it with soap for delicate garments.

Chocolate stains

Rub the stain with lemon juice before putting the backpack in the washing machine.

Another option to remove this type of stain is to apply alcohol and water in equal parts and then put in the washing machine.

Coffee stains

Wipe the excess of liquid with paper towels, pour some sparkling water and absorb with paper towels. Repeat until the stain is removed.

Wine stains

There are two types of ways to do a backpack cleaning for wine stains, depending on the color of the wine.

For red wine stains, spray the stain of your backpack with white wine. Apply peroxide, rub a little and then wash it like you normally would.

For white wine stains, dry the stain thoroughly with kitchen paper and rub it with sparkling water.

Grease/oil stains

For grease stains, use a degreaser product like the one you normally use to clean the kitchen.

For oil stains, apply detergent directly on the stain and rub vigorously. Then wash your backpack as usual.

Egg stains

Apply detergent directly on the stain, rub a little and put the backpack in the washing machine. NEVER wash this type of stain with hot water.

Yogurt stains

Absorb the yogurt with paper towels; apply a mixture of dilute ammonia and soap, with the help of a brush. Wash normally.

Blood stains

Soak the backpack in cold water, rub vigorously the stained area with hand washing detergent, leave soaking for 15 minutes, wait until gets clear and wash normally.

For dry blood stains apply peroxide on it. This is a very good tip for backpack cleaning.

Makeup stains

If the stain is recent, wipe a makeup remover wipe on the stain and rub it.

Soak the garment in warm water with a cup of vinegar and a few lemon drops. Wash normally.

The carmine stains can be removed by washing the garment with a solution of peroxide and ammonia in equal parts.

Pen stains

If you want to do a backpack cleaning of pen stains they can be removed with milk, peroxide or by rubbing a degreaser on the stain.

Paint stains

If it’s recent, apply solvent and soak in hot water.

If it’s dry, scratch the paint, wash with a sponge soak in dishwasher soap and warm water. Then, rub the stain until is removed.

Grass stain

When they are recent, they come out well by applying a stain remover. Otherwise, we can apply ammonia, then some baking soda, let them act and then rub with a bar of soap.

Rust stains

With a lemon slice placed between the stain and another layer of cloth, pass the iron on it.

Another method is to soak the dirty area in lemon juice and baking soda, let it act and wash normally.

Remember that by doing a good backpack cleaning to your own backpack; it will be as stunning as the first day.

Recommended products for the cleaning of those difficult spots

PODS Spring Meadow HE Turbo Laundry Detergent
Austin’s Lemon Scented Ammonia 64 Oz
Swan Isopropyl Alcohol, 99%
OxiClean Versatile Stain Remover

Backpack washing instructions


Hydration backpacks for cycling


A hydration backpacks for cycling is, like indicated by its name, a type of backpack specially designed to the mountain bike practice. It is convenient to use it for several reasons:

It fits perfectly to the back of the cyclist, which in long routes does not cause the appearing of pains in the lumbar zone. Besides, it fits in an amazing way to the contour of the body, which attached to the zippers, handles and other fastening elements of the backpack, makes that carrying it results very natural and not uncomfortable (unlike conventional backpacks).

The inside space is optimized with numerous compartments and pockets. This way it is easier and more practical to storage certain objects like energy bars, gels, money, cell phone, or accessories to repair flat tires.

The sweat does not accumulate, which makes it not so unpleasant to you to route, or that you get a cold if you stop. Besides, many of them are waterproof, so the objects you keep on the inside will not get wet.

There is a special compartment in which a bag with water can be stored. This has a little handle that comes out to the exterior of the backpack, and at the end of it there is a nozzle that allows us to drink the liquid in the bag. This way we can carry more water than usual and it will be fresh.

What are the existing brands?

– B’Twin. It is one of the most inexpensive options that exist, but is also one of the least technologically advanced. My hydration backpack for cycling is precisely of this particular brand.

Camelbak. It is the brand for antonomasia for these products, not only because it is the most popular, but because it is the one who offers more variety. 

– Dakine. It is a little unknown option, but not less valid because of that. It presents a great number of products and possibilities.

– Evoc. It is like Camelback, the one with more variety of hidration backpacks for cycling in its catalogue, but in here is not so well known.

– Hydrapak. Probably it is Camelback’s most known alternative, but it is not so popular and does not have as much variety.

– Mavic. It is one of the brands with greatest cyclist tradition. It has a catalogue a little bit short regarding to backpacks, but these are still interesting.

– Osprey. No doubt this is one of the most complete options when choosing a backpack.

– Scott. Best known for its bicycle manufacturer facet, Scott is a giant that manufactures all type of products for cycling (as for other sports). From my point of view it is the best choice to Camelback.

– Shimano. This is one of the most powerful brands that have within its range of accessories several models quite attractive.

How to choose a Hydration backpacks for cycling

Water bag

The water bag is one of the critical aspects by which these backpacks are bought. The capacity is highly variable ranking, usually, from one to three liters.  Depending on the weather when you go out, the capacity that you have for replenish your hydration, if your bike allows you to take one or two drums, if you count with big drums and the distance you usually cover, you may interest the backpack that is capable of supporting one load or another.

Load capacity

For my preferences this is the second of the critical aspects. Usually the load capacity is measured in liters, and it usually tends to be the same as the water bag (i.e. the backpacks with great water bags, they can store many things by volume). From six liters you can count with a backpack that adapts to long routes, for the majority of users. Everything above that (10, 12, etc.) will be ideal backpacks for carrying out stages and very long trainings, that require you to bear with a lot of material (a change of clothes, food, tools, maps, etc.).

Pockets distribution

The pocket distribution is something that from my point of view is very important. A backpack can count with a great load capacity but then having a very bad space assignment, mixing together even what it is reserved to the water hump and the rest of the utensils. Given the type of use you want to give it (for adventure, traveling, training or competition) and the class of objects you want to carry on it, you should pay attention to topics like:

  • Number and size of pockets
  • Presence of areas specially reserved for tools and nutrition
  • Mini-pockets specific for keys, identification cards or money
  • Special external mesh, special to carry windbreaks or similar objects


The pads that reinforce every backpack are essentials; they will cause that the zone that is in contact with the back results less bothering as the kilometers pass, as well as the handles zone, and also that will favor some humps to be more or less fresh. In this sense, the highest quality parts usually stand out over the more simple ones. The pads, for my personal taste, don’t have to be excessively soft (as they tend to warp themselves) nor excessively hard (as they are uncomfortable), so looking for an intermediate touch will be the most convenient.

Used materials

Just like any other complement or wardrobe piece, the materials used are an element to consider. In the last few years, the low-end parts have improved considerably, making the differences between the different ranges and brands to be smaller each time. But, there are still some barriers that separate the best backpacks from the worst, regarding perspiration, durability and ease of cleaning, etc.

Personal advices for you hydration backpack for cycling

Before finishing, I’d like to give some personal advices if you are looking some backpacks of this type:

Nowadays, many new (and not so new) cyclists tend to consider that the backpacks with greater capacity (of load and water) are better than the rest and therefore are the most convenient to use. This is not all true, since although many brands make a special emphasis when they manufacture and sell their bigger backpacks (among other things, because they are more expensive), not always they have to be the best for everyone. Put your personal interests before the backpack size.

Usually, with a three-liter water hump you will be capable to make very long routes without having to worry about supplies (keep in mind that the water drums normally have a maximum capacity of 750 ml). These backpacks are the best for making really long stages, in very arid climates, for double suspension bikes that don’t allow two drums or for travels. The two-liters ones usually adjust for a greater number of users, because they are light, valid for competition, for making long routes, ideals for hot weather and ultimately valid for almost everything. The ones with one liter or less, are for those users that really want some hydration (without this liquid being affected for the room temperature), although this is not their biggest worry. They are ideals for who really wants to compete in races, bringing only some repair tools and extra liquids, and so not having to stop too much at the supplies.

The pads, while they have to be well designed for the back, for me they are especially critical at the area of the handles, as it is there where many models and low range brands usually disappoint. The worse the padding is, more annoying will be the backpack as more weight is taken.

Nowadays, and even more, there are many brands that work in this field (Poc, Evoc, Scott, Osprey, Mavic, Zefal, Fox, Shimano, B’Twin, etc.) giving excellent results, but the one who really continues winning is Camelback. It is the most famous, the most widespread in stores and also the most used nowadays. I’m not suggesting you to buy a backpack from this brand, but if you don’t know this market really well; this is a very good starting point.

At least, I give a lot of importance to the fact that these hydration backpacks for cycling have independent sections and auxiliary pockets specifically for tools and also for keys, as their location will be much easier and makes everything to be more agile and smooth.

As to the zippers necessary to make the backpack safe and comfortable, it is enough that it has two (one at the chest level and another at the waist), which usually most of the current backpacks have them.

Below there is a list with the best hidration backpacks you can buy, this way you can also consider one of these when you go to the store to buy your backpack.

CamelBak 2016 M.U.L.E
CamelBak 2016 Hydrobak
Tactical Hydration Pack Backpacks
Hydration Pack with 1.5 L Backpack Water Bladder


Models of Backpacks

Today there are many different models of backpacks, most buyers choose between one or other depending on the design or color and not look at other details that are also very important when choosing a backpack.



One of the things we should think before buying a backpack is what kind of activity going to do, I mean, is to roam the countryside or town what we call “short distance”, or trekking a bit more technical and demanding that includes a camping trip, what we call “long distance”.

Short Hiking Backpack.

In this case and, if the activity is going to be a day, the first thing we look at is the capacity. For a hiking backpack day recommended is that their capacity not exceeding 35 liters (the capacity of a rucksack measured in liters, not in kilos, nope,!, Is also very important to look at the quality of the pads and the belt, because depending on this backpack will be more or less comfortable.

In the back you should have an area that does not contact with the back thus promoting perspiration. Today backpacks are very advanced in this area and offer many different designs, all designed for good breathability; still we must look at the width of the padding is not too big because if the backpack is quite separate from the body will have stability problems.

Size and tips backpacks.

The backpack faithful companion of adventures and misadventures of backpackers. In this article we will talk about the backpack itself and other practical details.

tips backpacks

The ideal size Most travelers choose to carry two backpacks: a large one with clothes and one small with valuables and everyday.

The small backpack can also be a fanny pack, a bandolier or whatever seems most comfortable, considering that going to take up most of the time. For a long trip, the backpack of clothes (large) must be as small as possible.

I have not heard anyone say “I should have brought a bigger backpack.” Go 30kg carrying two backpacks, while looking for a place to sleep, the sun shines and you besiege taxi drivers is a difficult experience to forget.

The hardiest and bravest travelers carry a backpack of 30 to 40 liters, silent for four days and only the clothes strictly necessary (given the climate of the countries that we visited).

A size between 40 and 60 liters is what brings most people, but now that we have 10 months of travel can say that would have been more practical to a smaller one.

Theme Backpacks

The various themens backpacks are a very important choice for all students, that is where they take their books and personal belongings throughout the school year. Here we show you the different styles and designs that exist.


1. Large Backpack If you need a school backpack with more space, this is a great option as it can save all the material you require in school and even other accessories like an umbrella.


2. Cross Backpack This is one of the most modern school bags, and many also have a special compartment for cell, although it is an option for those who do not require the use of many books, because it is so comfortable.


3. Cartoon Cartoon backpacks never go out of style, plus your child will be more excited about going to school with a school bag of your favorite cartoon, that will surely be very happy.


4. Ergonomics If you’re worried about your child’s health there are also a new ergonomic school backpacks, back and caring health of your child to prevent pain from carrying so much weight.


5. Suitcase Style School backpacks style suitcase that besides being a great help, also retain a more classic style and come in sober colors for those schools that are a little stricter.


6. Suitcase Style School backpacks style suitcase that besides being a great help, also retain a more classic style and come in sober colors for those schools that are a little stricter.