Waterproof backpacks

One of the best features that a backpack can have is to be waterproof. The waterproof backpacks are very useful for several activities that require carrying your belongings with you to places where the environmental conditions can damage your backpacks.

If you are a person who loves to travel, then you have to make sure to carry all the things you might need with you for your adventure.

In that case you need to buy a high quality backpack that can protect all your gear, equipment, clothes and other things from the weather.

And one of the most damaging weather conditions is the rain, because the water can leak inside your backpack and cause your objects to get moist.

The best thing about these types of backpacks is that you don’t need a cover to protect it on the outside or to protect each item on the inside separately, because these backpacks are specially designed to resist the rain or any other circumstance related to water.

But maybe you already know all the reasons why you need to have a special backpack, but what about how to choose waterproof backpacks?

If you are considering buying a backpack, the best choice you can do is to buy waterproof backpacks. And in this article we will mention all the considerations you must have when it comes the time to buy one of these types of backpacks.

100% waterproof

The first thing you have to know when you are going to select waterproof backpacks is that it has to be waterproof, and not to confuse that with “water-resistant” because these terms are very different.


There are different types of styles that waterproof backpacks can have; the fact that it is waterproof doesn’t mean it has to be big and ugly, that is why there are many different styles of these types of backpacks.

This is absolutely your choice, if you want your backpack to look more rustic and classic or if you want it to be very polished and elegant it’s your decision.

The best style for these types of backpacks is the top load.


If you are going to carry all your items in a backpack it should be at least very comfortable.

The best you can do is to buy waterproof backpacks that have an internal frame, even though they could be just a little heavier they offer a better protection, and also the shoulder straps, hip belts and back should be padded, for a better comfort.


These types of backpacks come in several capacities that can vary from 10 to 85 liters.

A 10 liter backpack is great if you are going to make short trips and only need to carry a few items, like cameras, snacks, wallets, and others.

The bigger waterproof backpacks, from 70 to 85 liters are recommended for those who make long trips, and usually are built tough, so they can resist all the effort.


This is a very important aspect if you are an organized person or if you like to carry many items with you to your trips and want to have an easy access to them.

The waterproof backpacks that don’t have many pockets and compartments are not so popular, especially for those who carry small items like keys, cell phones, cameras, etc.


Many people who consider buying waterproof backpacks feel intimidated for the price of these types of backpacks.

This might be because people think that since they are special designed backpacks are more expensive than the regular backpacks.

The best advice we can give to you is to consider the amount of money you want to spend and then try to find a very nice backpack that has all the specifications you need.

If you don’t have too much money, then buy a special backpack that is waterproof where you can put all your items you need to protect inside of it, and also buy a regular small bag where you can put what you don’t need to keep dry.

These are all the aspects you have to consider when buying a waterproof backpack that fits to your needs.

Below there is a list with the best waterproof backpacks you can buy, this way you can also consider one of these when you go to the store to buy your backpack.