Hiking backpacks


There are so many types of backpacks for very different uses, in this article we will explain you how can you select the best hiking backpacks according to your personal needs.

There are several types of outdoor sports that people can do, and hiking is one of the best activities that you can do to stay fit or just for fun.

It involves walking surrounded by nature, which is what makes it such a good sport, because you can be exercising yourself and also be in touch with the environment.

If you love to do this activity then you should know all the equipments necessary to perform this in an optimal way, and one of the essential equipment you need is a hiking backpack.

These backpacks are very useful for you if you like to go hiking, because you can put in it all your belongings and carry them with you all the way.

But, you want to have a high quality backpack so all your things can be safe and protected against anything that can damage them.

If that is the case, how can you choose the best backpack that fits to you all needs? Well, continue reading so you can know how to choose the best hiking backpack for you.


Your backpack needs to be made from a very resistant material that can withstand against the weather and other environmental factors that can possibly damage it, like trees.

The most advisable here is that you buy a backpack that is weatherproof and waterproof, so your gear can be protected on the inside.

Although, if the backpack is made of such a durable material in can be heavier.


This factor is a very important one you have to consider when choosing the best hiking backpacks for you.

Depending on all the objects you are planning to carry with you, the backpack capacity should be appropriate for all the gear you take with you to every trip. This way all your objects can be well distributed on the inside.

Of course the other thing you should think is how long are the trips that you usually do, because the quantity of weight you are going to carry is based on this matter. If is a short trip, you don’t need to take as many gear with you as if it was a long trip.


This aspect depends on how you want your hiking backpacks to perform in a useful way, one of the best aspects to consider when choosing not only these types of backpacks but all the backpacks for men.

Ones of the many features that a backpack can have are the following:

  • Frame type: there are three existing types of frames, a backpack can have an external frame, an internal frame or can be frameless. This is the type of support that the backpack can have. Obviously if the backpack is frameless it will be lighter.
  • Pockets: a backpack can have front, shovel and/or hip belt pockets, all of them designed in a way that you can reach all your objects in an easy way.
  • Sleeping bag compartments: this is very important if you are planning to make a trip for 2 or more days.
  • Removable top lid: this is very useful if you want to use it on daytime as a hip belt pack.

There are so many features that hiking backpacks can have and we can’t explain them all, but I think you now have a better idea of this aspect.

Size and fit

The size is not the same as the capacity; you have to be clear about this. And the fit is how the backpack adjusts to your body.

These are also a very important aspect you have to consider, because of these will depend your comfort when carrying your backpack.

The backpack size has to be appropriate according to the length of your torso, not your height, and also has to be comfortable on the hip belt depending on your waist size. Sizes vary from small to large, and also depend on the gender, there are backpacks designed only for women, and also there are backpacks designed for the young people.

Also the straps have to be comfortable on your shoulders. There are some hiking backpacks that have a sternum strap, which is located by the mid-chest. You can use it to help you gain stability and an even weight distribution.

Consider the length of the trips you usually do, don’t make the mistake to choose a very big backpack if is not necessary.

These are the best hiking backpacks tips we can give you, choose wisely so you can have the best hiking experience with your top equipments.

The best hiking backpacks ordered according to their capacity are:

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