Backpack cleaning

Below you have all the information and tricks for eliminating all types of stains in clothes and fabrics, and these tips can be used for backpack cleaning. We also give you some advices for using the washing machine.

Follow these simple tricks we have elaborated in and get rid of the stains caused by chocolate, grease, makeup, etc.  And keep your backpack clean and in perfect state. In that way you will look great all the time, and also you will give a good impression, because a clean backpack means you are an organized and careful person. Also, you should take a good care of your backpack as it was a good investment of your money, and you want it to last as long as possible, so cleaning it is a very good way of taking care of it.

You can clean stains caused by:

Candy/chewing gum stains

For candy stains, you have to soak the backpack, rub gently, put some fine salt on the stain and wash the backpack like you normally would.

For chewing gum stains, apply some ice on the chewing gum until it hardens, then you can remove it with no problem. This is a usual problem that can be solved with a good backpack cleaning.

Tomato stains

Mix some dilute ammonia and rub it on the stain. Put your backpack in the washing machine and the stain will be completely removed.

Fruit stains

For fruit juice stains apply some alcohol with a sponge on the stain and wash it like you normally would.

For cherry or strawberry stains, rub it with ammonia and water, next wash it like you normally would.

For jam stains, soak the backpack in water with alcohol in equal parts and then wash it with soap for delicate garments.

Chocolate stains

Rub the stain with lemon juice before putting the backpack in the washing machine.

Another option to remove this type of stain is to apply alcohol and water in equal parts and then put in the washing machine.

Coffee stains

Wipe the excess of liquid with paper towels, pour some sparkling water and absorb with paper towels. Repeat until the stain is removed.

Wine stains

There are two types of ways to do a backpack cleaning for wine stains, depending on the color of the wine.

For red wine stains, spray the stain of your backpack with white wine. Apply peroxide, rub a little and then wash it like you normally would.

For white wine stains, dry the stain thoroughly with kitchen paper and rub it with sparkling water.

Grease/oil stains

For grease stains, use a degreaser product like the one you normally use to clean the kitchen.

For oil stains, apply detergent directly on the stain and rub vigorously. Then wash your backpack as usual.

Egg stains

Apply detergent directly on the stain, rub a little and put the backpack in the washing machine. NEVER wash this type of stain with hot water.

Yogurt stains

Absorb the yogurt with paper towels; apply a mixture of dilute ammonia and soap, with the help of a brush. Wash normally.

Blood stains

Soak the backpack in cold water, rub vigorously the stained area with hand washing detergent, leave soaking for 15 minutes, wait until gets clear and wash normally.

For dry blood stains apply peroxide on it. This is a very good tip for backpack cleaning.

Makeup stains

If the stain is recent, wipe a makeup remover wipe on the stain and rub it.

Soak the garment in warm water with a cup of vinegar and a few lemon drops. Wash normally.

The carmine stains can be removed by washing the garment with a solution of peroxide and ammonia in equal parts.

Pen stains

If you want to do a backpack cleaning of pen stains they can be removed with milk, peroxide or by rubbing a degreaser on the stain.

Paint stains

If it’s recent, apply solvent and soak in hot water.

If it’s dry, scratch the paint, wash with a sponge soak in dishwasher soap and warm water. Then, rub the stain until is removed.

Grass stain

When they are recent, they come out well by applying a stain remover. Otherwise, we can apply ammonia, then some baking soda, let them act and then rub with a bar of soap.

Rust stains

With a lemon slice placed between the stain and another layer of cloth, pass the iron on it.

Another method is to soak the dirty area in lemon juice and baking soda, let it act and wash normally.

Remember that by doing a good backpack cleaning to your own backpack; it will be as stunning as the first day.

Recommended products for the cleaning of those difficult spots

PODS Spring Meadow HE Turbo Laundry Detergent
Austin’s Lemon Scented Ammonia 64 Oz
Swan Isopropyl Alcohol, 99%
OxiClean Versatile Stain Remover

Backpack washing instructions